August and September so far – Back to school, A body painting festival and traditional markets

Back to school

After a lovely summer holiday we came back in to school. It was the final week of summer vacation so was a good way to ease back in. Classroom management is my new project this semester. Students are not graded in my class so some have come to see this time as perfect for sleeping, chatting, trying to do each other’s hair or even to start answering back and be cheeky (which isn’t common here like it is in the UK). Because they are so overworked there is no such thing as detention so I’ve had to think of other ways to get them to listen, concentrate and participate. To make a start in tackling this I have created a seating plan which splits groups of friends. When the students realised my cunning plan they were distraught haha. Some even protested by not joining in. Luckily I planned a fun class that day so they couldn’t resist for too long. Even the seating plan doesn’t help some classes who now they know me have turned a bit feral and are still chaotic. Quite enjoying showing them who’s boss though muhahahaha.

Classes themselves are going well though! So far this semester I’ve created classes on planning vacations, creating travel agencies with role playing and this week’s class was shopping. Students had to compare and state preferences for different products and then play a powerpoint ‘guess the price’ game. They go wild when they play games, it’s so funny to watch them screaming if they get an answer correct. I can’t really complain that it’s my job to make the students have fun!

Last week we celebrated the schools birthday. Celebrations included a dance festival put on for and by the students last Friday. I had no classes so went to watch. I was really impressed by their dancing skills as group after group of girls took to the stage and did a different KPOP performance in hotpants.A boys dance troupe came in from another school to battle against the girls,
there were strobe lights and even fire shooting up from the stage at one point it was impressive! The funniest and strangest part for me was when young male teachers from the school had to get up and have a sing off. The students were screaming and waving banners like famous people were on stage! Then some students were picked from the audience and each teacher had to serenade them and dance around them romantically. Bizarre but hilarious! Dont think you’d get away with that in England.

After school all the teachers sat under gazebos on theplaying field and ate together which was cool but ruined my tea!

Teachers dinner with veg pancakes, soondae (like black pudding), octopus, Kimchi and Rice cakes. YUMMY

Daegu International Body Painting Festival

Each year at the end of August our local park hosts an international body painting festival and with my history of fancy part time face painting I couldn’t resist taking a gander. Unfortunately we were REALLY hungover as it took place the day after we were celebrating our friends engagement. A few of us met up and went to Duryu Park to take a look. There were body painters from all over the world and over the course of 5 or 6 hours they transformed their models with amazing artwork based around a fantasy theme.

Daegu is renowned as being a conservative city and Korea itself is conservative in terms of showing off arms and chest – legs are fine so all the young girls wear hotpants a lot haha, so it was bizarre walking around looking at all these semi-naked models. The crowds of men with enormous cameras (ahem could this be a euphemism?) were huge and lots of other gents in the park came to take a look too haha. For most of the day we chilled, had a picnic, lay hungover on the ground and popped back to check out the artwork. Some were SO good. I took some pictures but it was hard to get close due to the crowds (and the pervs).

Model at the Daegu International Body Painting Festival

Model at the Daegu International Body Painting Festival

Seomun Market

Ash went to the Phillipines the other week to get his gorgeous tattoo and left me behind. So that Saturday weekend I met up with my friends Nat and Drew and went exploring at Seomun market. I have been trying to find a specific gift for some friends and had heard this was the place to go. The last time I’d been was briefly for dinner when my bessie Jules had come to visit in May. For those living in or visiting Daegu, Seomun should be experienced. It is enormous. Outside there are lively fruit, veg, fish and pulse stalls and the market itself consists of four large buildings each housing different items. We wandered around getting constantly lost for about three hours and found it to be a veritable treasure trove of traditional gifts and clothing, noodle and street stalls, seamstresses, haberdashery shops, BUTTONS,  household bits, fashion and accessories and much more. We had a coffee in a cute little coffee shop and also spent a long time trying to find the custard filled pastry in the shape of a poo that I’d eaten on my first visit. I’m not leaving it so long before I go back next time because I can’t stop thinking about all the amazing buttons I found there haha.

Not the most thrilling blog ever but thought I should document the normal stuff I do in Korea as well as the exciting adventures.



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