Pizza Place in Daegu

Ash and I got back from Japan last night (blog entry and some pictures to follow shortly). We were technically still on holiday but were shattered and had that horrible Sunday night feeling so thought we’d treat ourselves to a nice meal. Most meals that we consider expensive in Korea are less than you’d normally pay to go out in England which is great! I was really craving Pizza so once back in Korea I searched online for what people thought was the ‘best’ pizzeria in Daegu. Quite a few results were for a restaurant called Pizza Place so we decided to try it. I’m writing about it now because it was REALLY nice and I thought other people in future might want to visit.

Directions – The restaurant is near to Apsan mountain park. I got directions from another blog which were useful. Its very close to Hyeonchungno subway stop on the red line (line 1). If you leave exit two and walk straight to the big junction and veer left you will be walking up a hill to Apsan mountain. At the first junction cross the road so you are on the right hand side and continue straight up the hill. You will see Pizza Place on your right.

The food –  In Korea pizzas have a tendency to be sweeter than the west and include sweetcorn or sweet potato a lot of the time. It’s the same in any country which adapts a recipe to their own tastes I suppose, but we really like italian style pizza so were pleasantly surprised and happy.

We got some bread sticks and herb foccacia bread with olive oil and vinegar as service (a freebie) before our orders arrived which were yummy.

We ordered the bruschetta starter to share. There were 3 pieces of bruschetta with seperate toppings – Tasty mozzarella and anchovy, cherry tomatoes and basil (oh basil how I have missed thee!) and finally some cured ham with basil and a fresh tomato sauce. The ingredients were great quality and the taste was very simple but delicious. The bread was SAVOURY too which can be difficult to find here! This was the only picture we took as we were tired soz.


They do two types of base, Napoli which is softer and roma which is the thinner and crustier base. We wanted to taste one of each so chose a simple Margarita napoli and a Salami Roma. They were both WELL tasty. The tomato sauce covering the pizza was really fresh and the bread and cheese was nice too. We think the Salami was actually Chorizo but this just made that pizza even better.

Oh and they had chilli oil too which was a bonus!

Service – The man who was running the restaurant was very friendly and seemed really knowledgable. He gave us a free cup of tea at the end too.

Price – The starter cost us 5000won (£2.50), beers were 4000won and the pizzas were around 19,000won which is about a tenner although there were some that were more. There is also pasta on the menu if you would prefer that.  As I say in Korea these would be considered expensive but the italian authenticity of the pizza compared to cheaper versions in Daegu was worth it.

Sorry if that has bored anyone but I hope it has helped bread and pizza loving Daeguites to get their fix, I’ll definitely be going back for more.


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