My Korean bucket list


Last week in school I taught a class in which students practised the future tense by creating their own bucket lists. In preparation for this I had to create a short bucket list of my own. Sorry to say but I showed them a made up one. I did this partly because it was easy for students to understand and could inspire them whereas they may find my real life ambitions a bit weird. In addition to this it was also because I don’t actually have a written down bucket list of my life ambitions. I have always known that I wanted to travel and live in another country, that was a no brainer so I hadn’t looked any further than that .

Now I’m living that dream I’ve started thinking about some other things I hope to achieve, so I’m going to make a lifelong bucket list by the end of 2012. In the meantime though, as I’m living in Korea and also after getting the idea from a friend I have made a Korean bucket list. I’m much better at planning in the short term so this was easier! Here you go, the list is quite long and you’ll see some things are done whilst others are still in progress.

For anyone living in Korea what’s on your bucket list? Can you offer any tips for more exciting things I can add to mine?

Korean Bucket List

  1. Stay in a jimjilbang (a bath/sauna house with sleeping facilities)  – DONE
  2. Visit Boseong green tea fields
  3. Go to the parting of the sea festival
  4. Visit Gyeongju – The city with the most historical sights. – DONE
  5. Go hiking in Seoraksan National Park – DONE
  6. Attend the Boreyong Mud Festival – DONE
  7. Stay out all night in Hongdae, Seoul – DONE
  8. Go to the Jinju Lantern festival
  9. Visit the city of Andong for the traditional mask festival
  10. Take part in a Korean 10k run
  11. Experience live music at Hongdae playground – DONE
  12. Stay in a Hanok guesthouse
  13. Travel around Gangwon Do – DONE
  14. Visit Penis Park in Gangwon Do – DONE
  15. Sing at a noraebang – DONE (managed to get 100% score twice too!)
  16. Visit the DMZ
  17. Go to a Korean wedding – DONE
  18. Go to Taejeondae cliff park in Busan
  19. Hike in Palgong mountains – DONE
  20. Hike up to Gatbawi (a Buddha in Palgong mountain park) – DONE
  21. Visit Haeundae beach in Busan – DONE
  22. Visit Jagalchi fish market in Busan – DONE
  23. Become an expert at chopsticks IN PROGRESS!
  24. Visit the south sea islands
  25. Find an actual techno or breaks club in South Korea.
  26. Cycle up the Han River
  27. Visit the Olympic Park in Seoul
  28. Visit a tiny seaside village – DONE
  29. Learn conversation Korean – IN PROGRESS!
  30. Go to Haeinsa temple
  31. Go to the comfort women museum in Gwangju
  32. Check out the owl museum in Seoul
  33. Visit Jeju island
  34. Go to the sex museum in Gyeongju
  35. Ride a tandem bike (this is on my actual bucket list too!) – DONE
  36. See a moonrise – DONE
  37. Watch the sunrise over a beach – DONE

Wow I’m sure there are more things on here that I forgot. Now I’ve typed it out I want to get to 40 so if anyone has any ideas of other things I can add let me know!


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Travelling, teaching and eating my way around the world! After two years in South Korea I'm currently living in Japan and blooming loving it :)

3 responses to “My Korean bucket list”

  1. asleepatheavensgate says :

    Visit Juknokwon (Bamboo Forest Park) in Damyang.

  2. mandy says :

    Wow – you’re making me very envious – lot’s of ‘done’ activities too! I’m sat here drinking green tea but the best I can compete with today is that yesterday me and Ann ran a half marathon ;o) so that’s another thing off my list….mx

  3. Ray Tan (@raytanys) says :

    Hi, I came across your blog and it seems like you have a lot to do in Korea! I am likely to visit Seoul next year so hopefully I get to do many things on your list as well 🙂

    If you’re thinking of coming up with a lifelong list, do check out adream, an iPhone app that I’ve just completed, where people can share their dreams and goals in a fun way. People are sharing their goals on it and hopefully it sparks off some ideas 🙂

    Best, Ray

    adream – (iPhone app)

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