An update on Betty the beagle – The best dog ever


Ok so we’ve now been fostering Betty for 7 weeks. We’ve had lots of interest from prospective adopters in that time so I don’t think she’ll be with us for much longer! We are going to be super gutted when she goes because we’re really close to her now, so as she is taking up most of my life I thought I’d write a quick update on her progress.

Since we’ve been looking after her she has gained 2.5kgs, has grown loads and is really starting to look more adult in her face. She now obediently sits and waits for you to say GO before eating her food or treats, is pretty much toilet trained (and tells you she needs it by standing at the door), sits at the curb most of the time when asked (for treats of course) and has generally become a local celebrity,with people in the area loving her. The dog owners we regularly see in Duryu park know her by name too, probably because of her amazing 360 jumping skills when trying to play with their dogs.

Because we’ve had a lot of interest I’ve started thinking about how much of a gap she’s going to leave behind her when she goes to her forever home. Sure, she gets hair over every single thing we own, is in to absolutely everything (mainly being obsessed with trying to grab an owl cushion I got for my birthday and my slippers), will take any opportunity to run around with our underwear in her mouth and thinks that every piece of food in the world has been reserved for her, but she is ADORABLE and come on who could be angry at this face.


Lovely picture taken by my friend Justine.


Here are just 5 things that are great about her. Sorry if I’m getting all obsessed and being one of those people who only talk about their pets/babies but I can’t help it!

  • She loves to love and give affection to us. She’s always up for a belly rub, being hugged and cuddling up whilst we watch TV.
  • She waits for one of us if we’re behind her walking down the stairs looking back and sitting down if we’ve not caught up yet.
  • She’s a really funny dog! Even when she’s naughty you can’t be mad at her as when being scolded she just rolls on to her back for you to stroke her!
  • She gets SOOOOO excited when we come home (we have to ignore her to reduce anxiety when we leave her next). She will follow you around until you give her some recognition and love.
  • Because she’s crated for hours each day we’ve started letting her sleep on the end of our bed and at 6am she crawls up and wedges herself between us to say hello which is super cute.

She’s great and I’m so glad we’ve fostered her. She might not of had long left in the shelter and its made me realise how fostering really does save a dogs life. Who’d have thought the quiet, tired, doe eyed puppy we first met would turn in to the energetic, mischievious, funny, inquisitive dog we have now.

If you love dogs (or cats) and are considering fostering I would say 100% to go for it. It’s hard work and I’m not sure how I will feel when she leaves us or if I will be able to face fostering again this year but I will definitely do it again when I return to England (or live somewhere else).


Betty in the post office bar at our friends party!

To anyone interested in fostering or adopting an animal in Korea check out this website which has lots of dogs and cats looking for homes: IMG_3691 IMG_3694


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