3 hikes, 3 days, 1 city

I managed to fit three separate hikes in to last weekend. So for anyone in Daegu, interested in hiking in Korea, or if you just want to read about/look at pictures from those hikes here you go!

Day 1 – Friday Apsan night time hike

I’ve hiked and written about Apsan a few times before but only in the day. However, I’d been told about other people climbing up at night so some friends and I decided to go on an evening hike there last Friday. We met in the car park at about 6pm and set off knowing we had to hurry as sunset was at 7:15. If you walk up to the cable car building and carry on behind it you can take a nice hike up to the top and walk along the ridge between two peaks. We got to the top just in time to watch dusk cover the city. The view was even more breathtaking than usual and it was unusually peaceful as it was just us, compared to weekend days when there would be lots of brightly attired hikers trudging around. As it wasn’t totally dark yet we could still make out the many hills and mountains that surround the city as well as the hundreds of tower blocks that make up Daegu.ImageImageImageImage   Aware that night was drawing in we started walking across the ridge to the other main peak. The plan had been to catch the cable car down but that stopped at 5:30 so we realised we’d have to hike down in the dark. We’d bought Ash’s head torch to help guide the way but being the silly people we are forgot to check the batteries beforehand. As you can guess the headlamp barely worked but luckily Emily had a torch app on her phone. At the other end of the ridge there is a large white platform that is illuminated at night. From there we could observe the pretty lights below and hear the drum of the traffic and city life beneath us.Image It took us another half an hour or so to find our way down the mountain, after which we caught a bus and went for some yummy gamjatang before heading our separate ways for some well deserved sleep!

Day 2 Daegok/Sangin Sam pil san

On Saturday we met our friend Sam in his neighbourhood in the afternoon as he’d mentioned some nice trails nearby. Once equipped with water, we started by walking up through a local park on to a trail that skirted around a  pretty reservoir. Image The main part of the walk wasn’t too difficult as this mountain was smaller than Apsan.The path wound through the now lush green foliage, slowly leading us up once again above the city. ImageAlong the way we also saw a traditional Korean burial site which included burial mounds, mini stone pagodas and buddhas, its weird but I am quite fascinated by graveyards so I loved finding this. We continued onwards and upwards. I had stupidly decided to wear plimsolls so felt like I was hiking bare foot and really didn’t very safe as we scrambled to the top which was really steep and windy. At the peak there was little wooden platform and only one other couple again so we could take in the surroundings in peace. A very nice little local walk.Image

Day 3 hike near Paldal bridge northwest Daegu

Ash and I were a bit hungover on Sunday after going out the previous night for dinner and some drinks. We’d made plans to go for another long walk with Emily and Keir so hopped in to a taxi and sped across the city to meet them near paldal bridge. Along the way we were in fits of laughter watching Betty with her head out of the car window ears flying wildly behind her, she was in her element! ImageWe started off the trail walking through back streets following Keir (an avid geocacher who had found this trail before) and were soon walking through trees up a hill and on to a ridge from where we could see a small part of the city and a river. The trees are really green now and the view was pretty amazing actually, I don’t think I’ll ever grow bored of looking at mountains and beautiful scenery. ImageWe were tired from the previous night but despite a few hills the route we took was actually quite a nice gentle walk. Emily and Keir were literally our saviours, turning up with hot tea in a flask and snacks for us to nibble on along the way. The weather was glorious too and the sun was beating down all day. After a couple of hours we ended up on a helicopter pad and from there continued on down the hill to our final spot.Image We walked through vegetation to a small break out exercise area filled with old people lifting weights. After that Emily taught us about toad spawn (which incidentally is laid in a sack that looks like a worm) by picking it up with a stick! We ended up finally reaching a small water park. Once again Emily and Keir fed us yummy sausage and egg sandwiches (we are so unprepared but we will shout the food next time sorry!).  We also annoyingly got harassed by some really pushy and intrusive people from a local church who tried to tell us about Jesus and then started asking to taste my sandwich! I don’t think so!

Finally we sat and shared some Patpingsu, a Korean dessert consisting of milk, crushed ice, rice cake, red beans and various other ingredients dependent on where you buy it. Absolutely shattered we said our goodbyes for the weekend and headed home.

So yeah check me out with my three hikes in three days!


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  1. Mandy says :

    – Looks fab, I need to get some walking in to start some training for my trek in Nov. Hope you are all good – Loving Betty wish you could bring her home xx

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