Biseulsan azalea photos

Last Wednesday was labour day so we were off school. Some friends and I decided to hike up mt Biseulsan. It’s famous at this time of year for a plateau of Azaleas high up in the mountain.

The weather wasn’t the best and we were freezing by the time we got to the Azalea field. There was also a big ominous grey cloud in the sky so we decided to give the summit a miss, which means I’ll have to go back soon to complete the hike. Anyway here are some pictures:

IMG_3819[1] IMG_3818[1] IMG_3821[1] IMG_3820[1]


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4 responses to “Biseulsan azalea photos”

  1. Kyle Kuns says :

    Good idea saving the summit for next time.

  2. The Paperbook Blog says :

    Stunning photos, adore the colours.

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