A flying visit to Matsumoto

A few weeks ago Ash and I got up at the crack of dawn to visit my friend Mitch who lives in Matsumoto.

Japan is famous for its speedy public transport but unfortunately with speed comes ticket prices that are too high for your standard English teachers to afford. Therefore we opted to take the cheap and slow but incredibly scenic route with a few train changes. We didn’t mind at all as it meant we got to see lots of gorgeous Japanese mountains as we chugged through Nagano prefecture.

train view

train tracks

We arrived in to Matsumoto just before lunchtime and spent a few hours walking around taking in the sights. Matsumoto is a beautiful city nestled in the Japanese alps and is popular with tourists. We took some obligatory tourist photos so here they are!

me ash

June and July are rainy season in Japan so it was overcast that day. However the low hanging clouds just added to the beauty of the mountains and scenery. We walked around areas with traditional buildings and visited Matsumoto’s main attraction, Matsumoto castle.




Mitch was working during the day so we met up with him in the early evening and went for yummy barbecue. We then went to a rowdy Japanese bar, drank beer and ate bar snacks (including tuna jaw bone meat). He then took us to a bar where he is a regular.



Finally Mitch went home but shipped us off to another place where we met some lovely people from the Phillipines and Brazil and spent the final hour of the evening.

It was a whirlwind trip but we loved the area so much we’ve made plans to go camping and hiking in Kamikochi as soon as possible!



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Travelling, teaching and eating my way around the world! After two years in South Korea I'm currently living in Japan and blooming loving it :)

One response to “A flying visit to Matsumoto”

  1. The bash says :

    At one time or other I think everyone in the office has been up at the crack of dawn.

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